Resource Center

If you are developing a site on Community@UAF, you will need to make choices about design issues such as  what theme to use, what the recommended settings for discussion are, how to effectively manage your blog, etc.  We will address some questions and issues you may encounter here as well as on the FAQ page on this site.

Managing Users

We recommend that, in general, all users be added to your site in the role of ‘Authors’. You can update roles via the Users panel found in the left-side menu of the Dashboard.

Roles – what’s the difference?
There are  different roles that you will be choosing from when adding or updating users:

  • Administrator  – FULL ACCESS to creating, editing, deleting site materials, etc.
  • Editor – able to comment on, create or edit ANY post or page.
  • Author – able to create and edit THEIR OWN posts and comment on others.
  • Contributor – can comment but not publish (can not upload images).
  • Subscriber – can view only.

Additional Resources and Tutorials

  • – video tutorials on how to do most everything in WordPress.